THE RAPTURE..... I always approach meanings of anything through meditation .. the rapture after reading about it in the bible I was on my bed resting and I had an OBE but it was unlike any I had encountered before I was not the only one doing this in fact it was good as Jacob came to me and told me exactly who he was and we did this together.


In the sky was a space ship several actually but before I could flit off and up I realised I was there to help others transcend by this time I was flying. This was a shock to most people as I saw them struggling...and went over to help once in one of the ships there orderly queues where food was laid out on a table I recognised my friend Jackie who took over from me whilst I together with Jacob went to oversee people's arrival ... the landing area was enormous.


Initially when I was coming out of my body beneath me on the mattress was a bright white light ... that is when Jacob came and kissed me and told me he was my boyfriend and that were needed ... as I looked down my body was not on the bed ... this surprised me and delighted me all at the same time as I knew what was happening ... the ascension.