Lost in Space and Time

Since my Near-Death Experience, I have realized that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey. The reality is that we are mortal and living in a physical world. Although the actuality is that we all have a Soul; the forever part of our being that never dies.


Ever since I was a small child the physical body was an encumbrance. I needed to know who I was, and why I would see and hear my relatives who had died and passed over to the afterlife, and why my physical world felt so claustrophobic.  Fortunately for me; life has changed dramatically since my ‘Near Death Experience.’ I originally thought that I’d been given another bite of the cherry, ‘a second chance.’ Now I know it was all meant to be, a learning process .’


We have been given the opportunity to go down different paths, find different doors to open, this is how we grow; this is how we live and gain knowledge.  Enjoy your life ... With love.  Sue Kyng

“Experience is knowledge, everything else is only information.” 

Quote – Albert Einstein.